Papa 20 | Glinian 14 | WROCŁAW
Papa John's opened its very first Wroclaw location on Glinian street, and had the second-best opening of a Papa John's store in Poland. It is located right next to the large Wroclawia shopping center, in the upscale Południe district. The store is average-sized – 136 square meters – and has a performs well above the company standard.
Papa 06 | Al. Rzeczypospolitej 22
Papa John's sixth location Poland is on Rzeczypospolitej Alley, in an upscale residential neighborhood. It is a smaller restaurant, with an area of just 120 square meters, creating the cozy atmosphere suited to the clientele of Błonia Wilanowskie district.

As of 1 August 2020, it is a franchised store.
Papa 05 | Postępu 10 | WARSZAWA
Papa John's fourth Warsaw location opened onnPostępu street. The restaurant's 185 square meter area and double oven serve the busy Służewiec district. The restaurant's casual seating and wall moss decor create the comfortable environment Papa John's customers have come to expect.

As of 1 August 2020, it is a franchised location.
Papa 04 | Inflancka 4b | WARSZAWA
Papa John's Poland opened its first dine-in restaurant on Inflancka street. In addition to the standard delivery and carry-out, this restaurant offers the traditional sit-down experience that customers have grown accustomed to. It is also the only restaurant that offers outside seating during the summer time. This restaurant effectively utilizes its 170 square meter area and double oven to serve the bustling Inflancka business district.
Papa 03 | Kasprzaka 31 | WARSZAWA
Papa John's opened its third store in Warsaw on Kasprzaka street. Due to its perfect location within a mixed business and residential area, and the solid reputation of the franchise at large, this restaurant had the largest opening of a Papa John's in Poland, a record still unbeaten. It is also the best performing restaurant in the Polish franchise, making the most of its 149 square meter area and one double oven.
Papa 02 | Grójecka 216 | WARSZAWA
On May 19, Papa John's opened its second store in Poland, on Grojecka street. It is a highly visible location located on the main road of a dense residential area. The restaurant's double oven and 137 square meter floor space ensure it will be able to handle high local demand.

As of 11 November 2020, the restaurant is franchise-owned
Papa 01 | Kijowska 1 | WARSZAWA
Today, Papa John's opened it's very first store in Poland on Kijowska Street. Our flagship store has an area of 130 square meters, and is equipped with a double oven to prepare our pizzas quickly and efficiently. We started off our journey in Poland by offering our customers the chance to win free pizza for a year. A tremendous success already, this store is a testament to the boldness of Papa John's
Papa 01 | Wolfenbuettler Str 66
On 2 Febuary 2021, PJ Western opened its first restaurant in Magdeburg, Germany on Wolfenbuettler street. This restaurant was the first one to be rebranded and opened under the Papa John's brand after PJ Western acquired the UNO Pizza franchise in 2019. Located in a city of 240,000 people, the restaurant is on the smaller side - 90 square meters - which makes it suitable for the delivery-focused demands of the Sudenberg district.
PJ 02 | Luebecker Str 112
PJ Western opened its second German location on Luebecker Street in Magdeburg. It is the second PJ-rebranded restaurant after the Company's acquisition of the UNO Pizza franchise. Located in Northern Magdeburg, the restaurant is in the middle of a dense residential and business area, at a main road with great visibility. It is a larger restaurant with an area of 133 square meters, ideal for serving the busy Neue Neustadt district.
Papa 03 | Olvenstedter Str 45a
PJ Western opened its third German location on 26 February 2021, on Olvenstedter street in Magdeburg. This restaurant is in West Magdeburg in a residential district. With an area of 139 square meters, it is the largest Papa John's opened in Germany to date. It is also the first German location to be operated by a franchisee, setting a precedent for more partnerships in the future.
PJ Western Opens its 100th Restaurant in Russia
On 15 March 2017, PJ Western opened its one hundredth Russian restaurant in St. Petersburg. With an area of 193 square meters and 36 comfortable seats, the restaurant is also one of the largest of the Russian network. This large capacity enables the restaurant to serve the dense Vasileostrovsky District of St. Petersburg.
First Restaurant in Kazan
PJ Western opened its first location in Kazan on 19 December 2015. Kazan is home to a population of over one million people, and is the capital of the Tatarstan Republic, a federal subject of Russia. Because it is a franchised location, the restaurant will be managed by leaders with solid practical knowledge of local tastes and trends. The restaurant is smaller than average - only 45 square meters - which is well-suited for the delivery-focused demand of Kazan.
First Restaurant in Novosibirsk
On 2 August 2013, PJ Western opened its first Novosibirsk location. The city has a population of nearly 1.5 million people, and is famous for its harsh, cold climate. Nevertheless, Novosibirsk is home to over twenty universities and academies, nuclear research facilities, and aerospace manufacturing. The Company's first Novosibirsk restaurant offers customers a comfortable atmosphere and delicious American-style pizza, giving them the relief they need after a long day's work.
First Restaurant in Irkutsk
On 1 September 2010, PJ Western opened its first location in Irkutsk, the first restaurant outside of the Moscow Metropolitan Area. It is also the first franchised restaurant of Papa John's in Russia, setting the precedent for more productive partnerships in the future. Home to at least ten universities and five aircraft manufacturing companies, Irkutsk is a productivity goldmine. All the better for the new restaurant, which will offer a comfortable and delicious reprieve to all citizens of Irkutsk.
First Restaurant in Russia, Kravchenko 8
PJ Western's very first restaurant in Russia opened in 2003, when CEO Christopher Wynne acquired the majority of the franchise.

Only in his mid-twenties, Wynne brought his American entrepreneurial spirit to the Company, and began building a network from the ground up.

Wynne built the restaurant and the local quality control center in quick succession, enabling him to begin expanding the network as quickly as possible. After the 2008 recession, Wynne disengaged from his mortgage business to focus fully on Papa John's. From there, he established new locations in Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Kazan, Samara, Krasnoyarsk, and other major Russian cities.
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