Exclusive rights to Papa John's markets totaling 260+ million—nearly 80% of the U.S. population

Massive market including 3 of the top 7 pizza markets in the world

Proprietary, patent-pending IT platforms for online sales, driver tracking, & quality control

Steady double-digit YOY growth & one of the highest average check in the world (Germany))

Market potential for 5X current store portfolio~1,500 locations + Asset light, IT focused development model

Diversified income streams: sub-franchise royalties, equity-owned restaurants, dough and ingredients, and IT fees

Exciting lineup of partners includes NHL legend Alexander Ovechkin

Proven Track Record

Starting in Moscow, Russia with only 4 stores, PJ Western has built one of the largest pizza businesses in the world from the ground-up

PJ Western was founded in 2006 and acquired in the majority of the Master Franchise for Papa John's Russia in 2008 when there were only 4 stores in Moscow. Since then, PJW has opened more than 240 stores, launching the Papa John's brand in 7 countries in eastern Europe and Central Asia.
2021 YTD Openings
Russia: +10 stores
Germany: +7 stores
Poland: +1 stores
Total YTD: +18 stores
Exclusive Rights to Growing Markets

260 Million People in PJ Western Territories

The Company has exclusive rights to Territories have a total population of more than 260 million, equivalent to nearly 80% of the population of the US. PJ Western Territories cover Russia, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan with eventual plans to expand further to the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Strong Market Demand

PJ Western Territories include 3 of the top 7 pizza markets in the world

PJ Western operates in Germany, the world's 4th largest pizza market in the world, and Russia, which is the 6th largest pizza market. The total market potential for the territories owned exclusively by PJ Western is over 1,000 new stores.
Proprietary IT Platforms and Assets

PJ Western in-house development team based in Russia, Latvia, and Bulgaria develops proprietary IT assets

The Company's IT team developed the desktop website, client-side app, and courier app for online sales, driver tracking, and quality control AI platform.

Recently, PJ Western launched a chatbot based on the Lia Chatbot Platform that can handle any customer queries via mobile app, email, and social media networks such as VK and Instagram.

The Company is currently developing PizzaM, the world's first AI that determines a pizza's quality in accordance with PJ Western standards right as it comes out of the oven (patent pending).
Tremendous Growth Potential

PJ Western market potential is up to 5x its current store portfolio, or up to 1200 new Papa John's restaurants

The Company currently operates more than 200 company-owned and franchised stores across its territories. PJ Western will build another 300 stores in Russia, up to 150 stores in Poland and 800 stores in Germany over the next ten years.
Consistent Income Streams

PJ Western diversifies its income streams for a robust bottom line

- Royalties from sub-franchised restaurants
- Income from equity owned restaurants
- Sale of dough and core strategic ingredients to franchisees
- IT services fees from franchised restaurants
Focus on Delivering the Best in Market Pizza

PJ Western supply chain is composed of 11 Quality Control Centers

PJ Western strictly monitors every step of the supply line, from the purchase of raw material to delivery to the restaurant. The Company has 11 dough production and logistic centers from Warsaw to Siberia, which supply PJ Western Company owned and franchise stores with fresh dough and ingredients twice a week.
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